Scott Ganas


Pastor Scott Ganas has been in the ministry for a long time. He loves listening, teaching, preaching, counseling, and encouraging people.  The Pastor's "Dad jokes" are actually funny … sometimes. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was baptized when he was a student at California State University at Sacramento, hearing the Gospel for the first time at age twenty-three. His wife Monica is a Professor at Azusa Pacific University. They have two grown children and a grand-daughter. If you would like to talk to Pastor Scott, please contact him at his cell phone: (951) 795-8162. 

Judy Gunther

Church Chairperson

Judy has been a member of First Lutheran Church for over 40 years. She was raised in El Monte and when she moved to Temple City, Judy knew that she wanted her children (4 of them) to attend church and school at First Lutheran. Judy has worked as a Registered Nurse for 33 years at LAC+USC hospital. She has a Master’s degree in Mental Health and has taught classes at Cal State Los Angeles part time for the last 10 years, along with her fulltime job. Now, Judy has retired but keeping busy. She is a member of the committee of aging with the Temple City, a member of the leadership committee, and a community member on the Ethics committee at LAC+USC hospital. Judy likes Luke 1:37 – "Faith does not make things easy it makes them possible."

Elizabeth Yu

Church Administrator

Elizabeth was born in Chicago, but was raised in Hong Kong. Elizabeth returned to Los Angeles in 1979. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in
Computer Science at California State University, Dominguez Hills in 1986.
Her husband loves to travel and has taken her to several countries in Asia and Europe. Elizabeth is a third-generation Christian. She has been a churchgoer for more than 50 years, but only becoming a Lutheran more than 20 years ago, and still learning about how to become a better Lutheran. She praises the Lord for a Christian husband of more than  30 years and two beautiful adult children. Elizabeth's "go to" Bible verse is: (New Living Translation - NLT) Psalm 94:19: “When doubts fill my mind, your comfort gives me renewed hope and cheer."